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14/08/2018 10:25 · ASHIRBAYEVA Sabina (KAZ) 1998... ASHIRBAYEVA Sabina (KAZ) 1998 #393042
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Ecco un'intervista a Sabina con le sue prime dichiarazioni dopo il ban

14/08/2018 20:35 · ASHIRBAYEVA Sabina (KAZ) 1998... ASHIRBAYEVA Sabina (KAZ) 1998 #393054
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Forse ricordo male malissimo ma non mi pare che alla world cup di Pesaro 2017 avesse brillato...
qui dicono che deve tornare i premi in denaro e le medaglie, ecc ecc e citano anche Pesaro

(chi sa come funziona in questi casi? Tipo che tutte le ginnaste si scambiano le medaglie... ad esempio per il campionato asiatico dell'anno scorso in cui è arrivata prima, ci sarà un giro di medaglie tra lei, la Minagawa e... la terza e la quarta che non ricordo?)

14/08/2018 23:41 · ASHIRBAYEVA Sabina (KAZ) 1998... ASHIRBAYEVA Sabina (KAZ) 1998 #393057
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Mi sembra di aver capito che però si appellerà alla sentenza? Non so se a questo punto bisognerà attendere anche i tempi per l'appello prima di avere una ri-assegnazione definitiva delle medaglie...

Comunque mi sembra motivata a continuare, anche se francamente non credo che avrà la stessa voglia di rivalsa a fine 2020 nel caso non le venga ridotto il ban... Farsi altri 4 anni di gare per cercare di arrivare ad un'altra Olimpiade nel 2024 sarebbe encomiabile ma dubito fortemente che la motivazione regga fino ad allora, e nel caso reggesse... sotto che bandiera gareggerebbe? La federazione kazaka che l'ha praticamente cacciata non credo vorrà riprenderla, quindi resta solo l'opzione del cambio cittadinanza o il gareggiare sotto la bandiera olimpica (anche se non credo ci siano gli estremi per farlo, nel suo caso... ma non ne so molto).

14/08/2018 23:51 · ASHIRBAYEVA Sabina (KAZ) 1998... ASHIRBAYEVA Sabina (KAZ) 1998 #393058
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Traduzione inglese dell’intervista:

Sabina Ashirbayeva spoken of her doping case for the first time to Summary of the interview follows:

Q: What can you comment on your suspicion? Did you actually take illegal substances?
A: Professional sports, including gymnastics require colossal work, gruelling training for years, sometimes 10-12 hours. As a result, severe swelling and muscle fatigue is common. (Sleep and rest don’t help) Recovery after trainings is only possible with the help of massage, special nutrition and medicines. It is always necessary to see a doctor. I took medications to treat kidney failure and relieve swelling. One of them contained furosemide. As soon as I found out about it, I informed the coach.

Q: Can you tell us more?
A: One day I had severe swelling. The doctor of the federation was not by me, I independently turned to another doctor. On his recommendation I took a medicine to relieve swelling. After I started the treatment, I familiarised myself with the instructions of use (read it more carefully), the drug composition, and I found out that the medicine included substances banned by WADA. I reported it to the head coach of RG, Aliya Yussupova, and the director of the regional gymnastics federation, Muslim Shanazarov. Back in December 2017 I was removed from all competitive and training activities in the Kazakhstan Federation of Gymnastics. And this August there was the decision of FIG, by which I was banned for 2 years and the order of the Kazakhstan Federation of Gymnastics, by which I was removed from sports and competitive activities. Honestly, for me, it was no surprise.

Back in December 2017 I notified my coach and the leadership of the federation in a statement that I mistakenly took a prohibited substance. The note was addressed to the gymnastics federation. Furosemide is a very common remedy that can be found in many medications. It is included in the list of prohibited substances by WADA, as it can be used as a cover agent for other doping. Like other diuretics, it is not doping in the meaning that it does not have the effect of increasing stamina, muscle strength or any other boost of the body performance. In general, in RG there is no doping. (Gymnastics is an art of emotional gracious movement).

Q: Because of this did you put an end to your sports career?
A: I am not going to finish my sports career. I'm not going to give up. I want to spend my time with training, I will sharpen my skills to be in the best shape after the end of the ban. Throughout my conscious life I was always in sports. Big sport teaches us to strive for the goals set, to achieve results, to be stronger in spirit - I am strong and I am sure that I will cope!

Q: What did you feel when you learnt about the disqualification?
A: That I've lost the opportunity to do my favourite thing. I've lost the opportunity to realise myself as an athlete, as a person. It was a feeling when you lost everything that is dear to you. I've been doing gymnastics since I was 4, now I am 20. Gymnastics is my whole life. Now, thanks to the support of people close to me, I am learning patience. I struggle with fear for the future. I am afraid of losing form. My mother supports me above all, and in many ways, my achievements are the results of her work. She was almost always with me in training and competitions. I was given invaluable help and empathy by state coach Ekaterina Panchenko, Svetlana Krasnikova, the girls I am coaching, and their parents. All who are close to me support me, and I want to express my gratitude for them.

Q: Do you keep in contact with the leadership of the gymnastics federation, or Aliya Yussupova, or the Directorate of National Teams (DSNK)?
A: It is impossible to communicate with the leadership of the federation, or Aliya, or the DNSK. They withdrew. And it makes no sense to communicate with those who turned away from you. I will not judge them for this. We have been through a lot, for which I am grateful to all. I do not read people's thoughts and cannot know what they have in mind. In any case, anyway, thanks for everything that happened.

Q: Do you want to continue your career after the 2 years ban?
A: I really hope that the ban will be reduced from 2 years. But even if so, I will return to the sport. I am not the only one. Many athletes have suffered, but they fought and returned. I do not intend to end my career this way. In addition to that, my plans were for a second Olympics. And I am not used to retreating.

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